How it works


  • Begin by browsing our collection of items on our Decor page, where you will find our entire range of items as well as their item numbers

  • Once you have found the pieces you love, add those items to your Wishlist, providing all pertinent details, including the item numbers for each product you would like to rent. The item numbers for each piece are found directly below the image for each item on our Decor page

  • Once you're finished, submit your Wishlist and we will provide you with an itemized quote. 

step Two ~

  • Once we receive your Wishlist and develop your itemized quote, your proposal will be on its way

Step Three ~

  • Once you've accepted the itemized quote and are ready to place your order, Willow Decor Co. will send you a custom invoice for your quote, with a 25% nonrefundable deposit of your order total needed to secure your rental
  • With your custom invoice you will also receive a custom Rental Agreement

Step Four ~

  • Fulfill the deposit payment, sign your Rental Agreement, and you're good to go!

Step Five ~

  • Willow Decor Co. will contact you with a second invoice, 14 business days prior to the start of your rental period, for the remaining 75% of your order total
  • This remaining payment must be fulfilled in order to ensure you receive your rental items for your event 

Rental FAQ


Each of our items are priced differently. Due to the nature of, and costs associated with, sourcing each item, the rental price for each item varies. 

*Willow Decor Co. offers custom rental options. If you require shorter or lengthier rental periods for any of our items, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss custom rental options. 


At Willow Decor Co., we require a nonrefundable deposit on all orders for the rental of our items. Your deposit ensures that the pieces you choose from our collection are reserved for your rental period, and further ensures that you have exclusive use of those pieces. Please note that rentals must be accompanied by a deposit; without this deposit, we cannot guarantee that the items you choose for rental will be reserved for your event/date & time period.

We require a nonrefundable deposit of 25% upfront; the remaining 75% of your order total is due 14 business days prior to your event/rental period. 

*Please refer to our order cancellation section below for information regarding deposit refund


Willow Decor Co. happily provides delivery with our rentals. The delivery fee will vary based on location and volume of your order.

At this time, we do not offer pick-up options for our products, due to the antique nature of the items. Because of this, delivery allows us to better control the quality and safe delivery of any items rented from our collection. 


If for any reason you have to cancel the rental of your items with Willow Decor Co., we require up to two weeks' cancellation notice, via email. Please note that Willow Decor Co. does not offer refunds for deposit payments, regardless of cancellations. To cancel your rental with Willow Decor Co., please email your cancellation notice to 


Once our team receives your Wishlist, as well as your signed Rental Agreement, you will be provided with a custom invoice, which will reflect: 

  • the nonrefundable deposit amount
  • the delivery fee 
  • total cost of your order

The 25% nonrefundable deposit fee must be paid prior to your rental order being finalized; instructions on how to pay this deposit fee, as well as the remaining 75% of your total order cost, will accompany your custom invoice. 

You will be sent a reminder, via email, regarding the remaining fee payment 14 business days prior to your event. 

How to make a payment

We utilize an online invoicing and accountancy software called "Wave;" through Wave, clients are able to make payments via bank account, PayPal, or Credit Card for deposit and invoice payments. 

*If you require a physical (print) invoice, please feel free to note that on your Wishlist form. All invoice and deposit payments are accompanied by receipts. 

Rental Agreement

What it is 

Our Rental Agreement is a legally binding agreement used between both Willow Decor Co. and our clients to ensure both parties' interests are mutually protected. This Rental Agreement outlines the terms, conditions, costs, and dates associated with your rental. We utilize a Rental Agreement to further ensure the safety of our rentable items. 

How it Works

At Willow Decor Co., we utilize an online signing platform called "Docusign," which allows our clients to e-sign their Rental Agreement, whether on their tablet, Smartphone, iPad, laptop, or desktop. Once your Wishlist form is submitted, a member of our team will provide you with the following documents (via email):

  • A custom invoice, which outlines the total cost of your rental (including deposit and delivery fees (sent via Wave)
  • A rental agreement (sent via Docusign)

You will be provided with your Rental Agreement via Docusign, an online e-signing and contract platform. You will be required to sign your Rental Agreement digitally (e-signature). 

Is this rental agreement required?

Simply put, yes. We are unable to process any rental orders, even those whose deposits have been paid in full, prior to receiving your signed Rental Agreement. 

*Please note that we cannot process any rental orders prior to receiving your signed Rental Agreement and deposit.